Of the 1,938 coronavirus infections reported in one day, the total number of cases in India increased to 4,304,687, while active cases fell further to 22,427, according to the Union Ministry of Health.

The number of victims increased to 5 16 672 with 67 daily deaths, the data were updated at 20:00.

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Active cases accounted for 0.05 percent of the total number of infections, while the national recovery time from COVID-19 was recorded at 98.75 percent, the ministry said.

Within 24 hours, there was a reduction of 660 cases in the active number of COVID-19 cases.

According to the ministry, the daily positive rate was increased to 0.29 percent and the weekly positive rate to 0.35 percent.

In the last 24 hours, a total of 6,651,954 tests for COVID-19 have been performed in the country and more than 78.49 million tests have been performed so far.

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The number of people recovering from the disease rose to 4,24,758,588, with a mortality rate of 1.20 percent.

The cumulative doses administered so far under the national vaccination campaign against COVID-19 have already exceeded 182.23 million.

India's COVID-19 number exceeded two million on May 4 and three million on June 23.

Among the 67 new dead were 61 from Kerala. Kerala added 53 dead in the rear.

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A total of 5,166,672 deaths have been reported in the country to date, including 1,433,769 from Maharashtra, 67,476 from Kerala, 40,042 from Karnataka, 38,025 from Tamil Nadu, 26,148 from Tamil Nadu, 26,148 from Delhi and 21,298 from Delhi 21298 and 21, Pradesh.

The Ministry of Health states that more than 70 percent of deaths were caused by comorbidities.

"Our figures are being reconciled with the Indian Council of Medical Research," the ministry said on its website, adding that state-wise distribution of figures is subject to further verification and reconciliation.

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