In a terrifying news, rapper MC Tod Fod aka Dharmesh Parmar, 24, died on March 21. The rapper lent his voice to the song 'India 91' for 'Gully Boy'. Actors Ranveer Singh and Siddhant Chaturvedi mourn the tragic and untimely death of the rapper. Ranveer shared a photo of the rapper on his Instagram Stories and added a broken heart emoticon, while Siddhant shared a screenshot of his conversation with a former Gujarati rapper, showing how they both value each other for their music and performances. He wrote: "RIP bhai" along with a broken heart emoticon.

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Here is everything you need to know about MC Tod Fod aka Dharmesh Parmar.

MC Tod Fod aka Dharmesh Parmar has teamed up with the multilingual hip-hop group Swades in Mumbai. He was with Swadesi's label Azadi Records and the management company 4/4 Entertainment and confirmed the news of the rapper's untimely death on social networks.

MC Tod Fod: How he came into the limelight

Among the most famous and well-known hip-hop artists in the country is MC Tod Fod known for his harsh verses.

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Toda Foda's verses in songs like 'The Warli Revolt' have become very popular. MC Tod Fod, with his verse in 'The Warli Revolt', became the center of attention and proved to be a voice fighting for nature and human rights.

MC Tod Fod: Work

MC Tod Fod is part of several solos, including 'Plandemic'. His latest single "Truth and Bass" was released on March 8. As part of Swadeshi, Tod Fod stood side by side with MC Mawali, NaaR and Raakshas producers, and even bag-ong members, including rappers 100 RBH and Maharya.

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MC Tod Fod: Rapped in Gujarati

For the unversed, Tod Fod rapped in Gujarati. He earned a huge following when he worked with producer Bandish Projekt on songs like "Dakla" in 2016, part of their collaborative EP Katal Kalaa. 

MC Tod Fod: Trained in konnakol

MC Tod Fod was trained in konnakol. In 2018, Tod Fod performed at WOMEX festival in Spain with percussionist and composer Viveick Rajagopalan and the Ta Dhom Project.

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MC Tod Fod: Cause of death

The cause of death of MC Toda Fod has not been published. An investigation has apparently been launched to determine the cause of the rapper's death.