After a brief sigh of relief, many parts of the world, including Europe and Asia, saw a dramatic increase in Covid-19 cases. This, in turn, is a possible wave of coronavirus infection.

India has up until this point seen three waves of Covid-19, including the second lethal flood driven by the unsafe Delta variation of the infection. Nonetheless, Indian specialists accept that another such is profoundly impossible except if another such variation shows up.

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Among the reports of a possible fourth wave of Covid-19 is what several experts say about India's willingness to reach another peak.

Fourth wave in India

A review, by the Mathematics and Statistics division of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, anticipated that one more fourth wave of Covid-19 is probable in June this year.

However, the examination was not peer-investigated, it said that the wave wouldn't project a strain on the wellbeing framework of India and will be less risky that the past ones.

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Profoundly vaccinated population

In a new public interview, NITI Ayog part Dr VK Paul explained that India is ready for one more conceivable wave as an enormous segment of the populace is both normally inoculated also has gotten the two doses of Covid vaccine.

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New variants unlikely

Famous Virologist and Former Professor, Christian Medical College (CMC )Vellore Dr T Jacob John on Saturday said that the possibilities of the fourth COVID-19 wave are low except if another variation erupts.

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 "There is no scientific, epidemiological reason to predict a fourth COVID-19 wave but nobody can predict that it will not happen. I can say the probability is extremely low but it is important to be vigilant and cautious,” said John

“There is a need to keep looking at the viruses and their genetic sequences and see if there are any new variants appearing and if any variants are overtaking Omicron locally in more places,” he added.