The Central Bureau of Investigation was told to take over the case of eight people who were burned alive in Birbhum, West Bengal. The Calcutta Supreme Court referred the case to the CBI after rejecting Mama Banerjee's government's request not to hand over the investigation to the central office.

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Crowds killed and burned eight people on Tuesday - all women and children.

A special investigation team set up by the Bengal government will refer the case to the CBI. The Calcutta Supreme Court Bank, consisting of Chief Justice Prakash Shrivastava and Judge R Bharadwaja, told the CBI to submit a progress report on April 7.

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 Ms Banerjee said the suspects would be searched if they did not give up. In a fight against the violent political response to the brutal killings and accused by the opposition BJP of ignoring political violence, the prime minister also accused "something big" behind the incident.

The prime minister has shown that he is warning his opponents, who are politicizing the incident. Ms. Banerjee and the BJP-led center have long been on several fronts together, and the latest incident could open another front.

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Six women and two children were locked in their homes on Tuesday and burned alive by a mob in Bogtui village near Rampurhat in alleged revenge after a brutal bomb killed Bhadu Sheikh, the leader of the local congress in Trinamool. Attack. Burnt bodies were found a day later, mostly from the family.

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