Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal, Monika Bhadoriya and Priya Ahuja of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah recently publicly revealed that the artistes of the show were harassed and made several other allegations against the producer. the show Asit Modi and his team. Now, in a separate interview, Priya Ahuja, who auditioned for the role of Rita Reporter in TMKOC, has revealed what happened on the sets and explained why she ended her association with the show.

Priya Ahuja reveals that she hasn't progressed in 5 years:

In a long interview with Etimes TV, Priya Ahuja revealed how her character was ignored in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah and how Asit Modi gave sexist feedback when she applied for a role in the film. Despite being associated with the show for more than 5 years, Priya said that she did not get any promotion during her entire career. She also said that the producers are not taking him to events or shows to promote TMKOC, and when he asked them, they blamed the PR team for it.

Asit Modi ignored Priya's calls and texts:

Priya even texted Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah producer Asit Modi to know about her role. He ignored her calls, and when once he answered, Asit told Priya, "Why do you want to earn? Sit at home like a Queen. Your husband is earning." Priya mentioned that she spoke to Asit Modi last when her husband Malav Rajda was directing the show. 

The former actress had again texted Asit Modi for asking about her role, she said, "I texted him and he called back to ask 'Kya hua? Kya kaam hai?'. When I told him that I needed to know about my participation in their show ahead, he simply said, 'Baad mei baat karenge' and he cut the call." Priya said that was the last call when she spoke to Asit Modi wherein he hung up weirdly. As it was humiliating, she decided to never call him again.

Priya Ahuja talks about the uncertainty of her track:

The actress said, "The frustration of the uncertainty of my track was eating me. I still kept this show as I didn't want to take any big role in any other daily soap. I had been told that I would be needed 10-12 days every month and I hopefully hung on. I said I have been long enough to ask Asit Modi haque se of where is my character going in the show. And please note, I told him I am not doing it for money; I wanna work because I am emotionally drained."

Priya even called Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal a wonderful person, who never abuses. She also added that Asit Modi never passed any indecent remarks on her and said, "Mere saath professionally galat hua hai, personally nahin."