Facebook owned instant messaging app WhatsApp is rolling out a feature that will allow users to preview their voice message on WhatsApp before they send it. The instant messaging app announced the feature on Tuesday. WhatsApp said that voice notes bring “users closer to their friends and family." The feature is considered an easier and quicker way to send a message when users need to get a message across. The feature is rolling out for all Android and iOS users and will come on all devices in the next few days.

The new feature allows users to preview their voice notes before they send them. Currently, there is no option to preview voice notes before you send them. To listen to a WhatsApp voice note before sending it, users need to do a few tricks, but there is no direct option for the same. The feature has earlier been rumoured to come to all WhatsApp users on multiple occasions. With the feature finally rolling out to all users now, let us take a look at how to preview a voice message.

    • Open a chat window.
    • Touch the microphone and slide it up to lock hands-free.
    • Start speaking.
    • Once finished, tap stop
    • Tap play to listen to your recording. You can also tap any part of the recording to play it from that timestamp.
    • Tap the trash can to delete the voice message, or tap send to send it.