Apple iOS 16 5G Beta is now available in India. The update enables 5G for Airtel and Jio customers in the country. Customers using iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12 and iPhone SE (3rd generation) can now test 5G as part of Apple's iOS 16 beta before the official release scheduled for December.

"5G will be enabled through a software update and will start rolling out to iPhone users in December," the tech giant said. In early October, Apple released a statement saying that it was working with carriers in India to bring 5G to iPhones soon, and said, "Carrier partners in India are shipping the iPhone service is the best 5G experience once the network is confirmed and its quality. Tests are being done and this presentation is over."

The iOS 16 5G beta is available to all users with a compatible iPhone (iPhone 14, 13, 12, and SE 3rd Gen) and a valid Apple ID that they can use to register for the beta app.

As a rule, it is good to back up your phone before installing any beta software, because if something goes wrong, you can always restore your backup to run again. Motorola to understand why OTA is necessary to make 5G compatible with smartphones in the first place, Motorola explained that before the software update is released for the public, the implementation of 5G requires a lot of work and security measures. The importance of testing the phone thoroughly for proper SAR values ​​before rolling out an update is critical for your safety.