Hackers have stolen digital assets worth about $160 million from crypto trading firm Wintermute, its CEO tweeted on Tuesday, the latest heist to hit a company long plagued by cybercrime.

The theft was based on the financial services of London-based Wintermute, Evgeny Gaevoy said in a tweet. The company, which funds major crypto exchanges and trading platforms, is still reeling after the hack, he added.

The decentralized finance and software, which aims to provide crypto-based financial services without traditional gatekeepers such as banks, has been the subject of many recent disruptions. The sector is poorly regulated and victims of crime rarely have recourse.

Gaevoy and Wintermute did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Wintermute calls itself "one of the biggest players" in the global crypto market. It says it manages "hundreds of millions" of assets and trades more than $5 billion a day.

Gaevoy said, "If you're a loaner at Wintermute, again, we're an honoree, but if you're comfortable recalling the loan, we can be."