CBI arrested Anand Subramanian Chennai for new facts to work in the co-location NSE case. The base is a group of Applied Officer in NSE in NSE in MD Chitra Ramkrishna. This is the first arrest.

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Subramanian was picked last Thursday from his Chennai house and brought into the Head of the Federal Agency in Delhi, where he will be held at the local court.

He was set to arrest after working with a continuous agent investigation caused to reveal an exchange of email between Ramkrishna and called an individual called as ’Yogi’.

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A whistle-blower in 2014-15 complained to the Sebi saying some brokers in collusion with a few top NSE officials had abused the co-location facility. NSE was then using the so-called tick-by-tick (TBT) server protocol to relay data to members.

The unique part of this protocol is how information is provided. Normal data logs send data to all users connected simultaneously. But TBT transmits in the sequence of orders received. In other words, the user who accesses the system first receives the data in front of the others.

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SEBI accused Chitra Ramkrishna and others of allegedly failing to name the Subramanian and its publicity.

SEBI fined Ramkrishna ₹ 3 crore, and ₹ 2 crore each fined by the NSE, Subramanian, former NSE MD and CEO Ravi Narain.

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