The BJP reminded Congressman Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday in his recent speech to parliament that the BJP can never rule Tamil Nadu and hopes that the results of the civic body "disabused him of such notions".

BJP has won 230 panchayat city districts, 56 city districts and 22 corporate districts, including one at Greater Chennai Corporation. It created the BJP as the third largest party after the DMK and the AIADMK, according to Tamil Nadu BJP President K Annamalai. In more than 20 departments, BJP is in second place after DMK

However, Congress, as an ally of the DMK, has a higher share of the chair.

"Just a few days back Rahul Gandhi held out a prophecy in Parliament that the BJP will never rule Tamil Nadu. I hope ULB elections have disabused him of such notions. BJP is now the 3rd largest party after DMK and AIADMK, ahead of the Congress. BJP won in areas it hadn’t won ever!" BJP IT cell chief Amit Malviya tweeted.

Rahul Gandhi specifically mentioned Tamil Nadu in his speech in parliament and his launch of a serious attack on "King" Modi, saying that Prime Minister Modi's role as "King" was not to gain the trust of states which are not taken on board. "It is a partnership; it is not a kingdom. You will never, ever in your entire life, rule over the people of Tamil Nadu. It can’t be done," Rahul had said.

"If you read the constitution, you'll find that India is described as a union of states. India is not described as a notion but a union of states. That means my brother from Tamil Nadu should have the same rights as my brother from Uttar Pradesh," Rahul had said.

Tamil Nadu chief minister MK Stalin, who once again proved his sway in the civic polls, had thanked Rahul Gandhi for pushing for Tamil Nadu in Parliament.

"Dear @RahulGandhi, I thank you on behalf of all Tamils for your rousing speech in the Parliament, expressing the idea of Indian Constitution in an emphatic manner. You have voiced the long-standing arguments of Tamils in the Parliament, which rest on the unique cultural and political roots that value Self Respect," Stalin had tweeted.