First, let us view and point out the causes of hair fall and they are listed below:

  • 1 – Stress :

Nowadays, our everyday lifestyle involves a lot of stress due to the work we put in every-day.

  • 2 – Toxic Products :

We often use a number of products on our hair which results in the loss of their natural beauty due to the toxic chemicals present in the products.

  • 3 – Smoking/Alcohol :

Hair fall occurs due to smoking and drinking as well.

  • 4 – Lack of oil :

When we do not apply oil to our hair, it not only loses its shine, but also starting falling due to the lack of nourishment.

  • 5 – Poor diet :

Hair fall occurs mainly due to the lack of vital vitamins and nutrients in our diet which results in the loss of hair as our modern diet doesn’t have sufficient nutrients and minerals.

How to prevent hair fall?

  • Use of biotin once every day! Use at least 10mg pill every day. Just like how humans need oxygen to survive, similarly our hair requires biotin for its nourishment.
    However, if you’re pregnant – we suggest that you do not use biotin.
  • Use of aloe vera gel

Put the few drop of aloe vera gel in a bowl, add a few drops of serum by Levon and mix it sufficiently. Take a little bit of the mixture and apply it on your hair. Apply it well so that it penetrates well within your hair.

The benefit of this is that if you use this,your hair won’t be oily!

Use this amazing method twice a day every alternate day for best results!

An additional tip:

While you go to bed, avoid leaving your hair loose; rather go for a pony tail or you could also go for the option of braiding your hair!

Many a times we do not know how we sleep at night, so by following the above steps, you could significantly reduce the amount of damage your hair receives while you sleep! So these were the tips which will help you too prevent and reduce hair fall!