well-balanced diet provides the essential nutrients needed to maintain a strong and healthy body. It helps us to maintain proper body weight and also in good functioning of the brain.

A major obstacle in attaining a healthy body is overeating and consumption of junk food. We can get rid of these habits by having foods that are nutritious and also keep our stomach filled for longer durations.

Good whole grain carbohydrates: These can be obtained from whole grains like brown rice and millets. Whole grains reduce the risk of heart diseases and cancer. They also improve bowel health by regular bowel movements.

Vegetables: Having an ample amount of vegetables can reduce the risk of heart diseases, strokes and cancers. They are the source of nutrients like potassium, dietary fibre, folate, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. They are low in fat and calories.

Nuts: Nuts are rich in proteins and fats. They make for excellent options for snacks. Nuts can also prove beneficial in controlling type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.