Reading is fun, enjoyable and also difficult.

While many of us love reading, an even larger number of students do not like reading.

However, students are starting to know the pros of reading and how can it be beneficial to them!

Students have started reading – owing to the abundance of time at their hands this Corona virus pandemic.

However, we asked a bunch of students how their reading habits were going this lockdown.

The replies were something we didn’t expect.

What we learnt is that people, especially students are reading below normal this lockdown.

They are engaging in other modes of entertainment and reading less.

Today, let us go through proven tips and tricks!

Reasons for reading less:

  • We read less because we have this illusion that we have an abundance of time.

The above results in you reading less than normal as you postpone the cycle of reading.

  • Lack of a suitable mood for reading can also impact the way you read.

How can you combat that?

Many times we read what other people tell us to and often end up with a bad experience.

This bad experience prevents us from reading ever again.

That is one of many reasons which prevent us from reading more material.

How to read more as a student?

  • In simple words, reading more is very easy:

Read what you love until you love whatever you read!

What does that mean?

Quit reading classic novels with exquisite literature, instead pick up a simple novel.

Pick up a simple novel or reading material which can get you in the habit of reading!

*Begin by reading what you absolutely love.

Once you start reading material you absolutely love, you will begin reading more.

You will begin reading material which is out of your comfort zone which will help you as a reader.

It will not only help you turn into an avid reader, but also into a prolific reader!

Tips to read more:

  • Read 5 pages of your favourite novel before you eat breakfast
  • Go on to read 5 pages before lunch
  • As a student, you will obviously have time to read 5 pages before dinner

You haven’t actually started reading a lot, but without even knowing, you have read 15 pages in a day.

  • Read 5 headlines of news articles
  • Read 1 article of your preference out of the 5 news article headlines you went through.

By doing the above, you have gone through 5 news headlines. This keeps you updated with the major news events.

By choosing the 1 news article of your choice/preference, you are reading 1 news article every day in addition to 5 headlines!

How to become a prolific reader as a student?

According to Ray Bradbury, if a student wants to be a prolific reader, it boils down to the following simple steps:

  1. Read 1 short story every night before bed
  •  1 poem every night before bed
  • 1 essay every night before bed

By doing the above, you will be reading 365 short stories, poems and essays every year.

By the time you turn 24-25 years old, you will be a master reader. You will be the most read individuals from your friend group and the most RESPECTED!