In this blog-post, I will explain you as to how to maintain your mental health and not lose motivation this nationwide lockdown!

No matter how famous or rich you are, we have all faced issues with regard to mental health during this nationwide lockdown.

Today, we shall learn a few important tips and tricks which can help us maintain our mental health, which will directly affect our physical health in a positive way.

Without any further delay, let us get straight into it!

Maintaining your mental health is essential to your well-being as it can impact you in a negative way if you don’t give it a second thought.

Read the following mentioned tips carefully and you will witness –

  •  Increased attention span
  •  Better focus
  • Better overall mood
  • Increased discipline
  • Maximum productivity

Take up Meditation:

Meditation is the best thing one could practice every-day during the lockdown. One could go on about meditation for an entire day as it has amazing benefits!

Meditation will increase your attention span drastically which will DIRECTLY result in you gaining & maintaining great attention span, you will also attain maximum productivity in your work and a tireless work ethic!

I can talk about meditation the entire day as it is one of those things that everyone can do without investing a lot of their time!

I highly recommend you to take up meditation as you will have everything to gain from it.

Learn to cook:

Learning to cook is another thing you can take up.

This activity poses numerous benefits to the common man locked up at home.

  • It teaches you to stay dependent on yourself
  • Spend less money on food
  • Spend time for yourself
  • Skill of cooking is very desirable

By learning how to cook, you can show off your skills on the web, teach others how to cook, surprise your spouse/girlfriend/parents with a dish and impress them along with various others likable factors.


As mentioned earlier in the – how to stay healthy while you work from home article, Yoga goes hand in hand with meditation.

Yoga, has the power to heal any disease if done correctly.

Basics of Yoga are available all over the web with an in depth explanation.

Make sure to have expert guidance and supervision while undertaking more advance forms of Yoga.

These were the ways in which you can maintain your mental health without giving in much time.

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Try these above mentioned effective techniques and change your mental health into great condition in no time!