Recently, Urvashi Rautela is making headlines and for all the bad things. The actor has announced that she will soon be seen in Parveen Babi's biopic. However, according to reports, this information is being declared unsubstantiated.

Rautela had earlier said that she is at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival for the release of Parveen Babi's picture. However, he did not talk about the film during his time at the event. As the directors or anyone from the film was not present at the event, doubts were raised. On further investigation, it was revealed that Urvashi was lying all along because no studio had signed her up for the biopic.

She has posted a video which includes a note in Hindi, detailing riot operator Parveen Babi and her personal life. She revealed that the biopic will explore both sides of her journey. The note also shows the director Wasim S Khan and writer Dhiraj Mishra proudly wearing the signature logo of the writers. Meanwhile, the captions of Rautela’s post read, “Bollywood Failed #ParveenBabi but I will make you proud #PB ~ UR Om Namah Shivay. Trust the magic of new beginnings.”

The Hindustan Times investigated the matter and wrote: “It is obvious that he is lying, and this is a fake news. There is no such work in progress. There is also no discussion of such a role in the business circuit. Also, starting a photocall without anyone on the manufacturer's side is impossible. So, Urvashi was alone, no producer, artist or director So what was the beginning of this photocall? This shows how much truth there is in his claim. She did not even mention the names of the creators. He would have said that he wanted to do it or that he was thinking about it, but to say that it was done without a team name is not really something to be believed.

Another source told the publication, “No artiste has the power to announcement a project just like that. And something like a biopic on Parveen Babi will only get announced once the production work has begun. And that too usually comes from the director or production house's end. Urvashi's claim is only to get some limelight.”

However, this is not the first time Urvashi has done something like this. Earlier, the actress had lied about being a part of Rishabh Shetty’s Kantara 2, but later a source close to production came up with the clarification stating all these rumours baseless.